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America’s Ballet School: Bringing The Art Of Ballet To The Community

Beyond receiving training of the highest caliber, ABS students learn concentration, self-discipline, creative expression, and a strong appreciation for the arts. Our syllabus not only gives priority to all aspects of classical training, but also focuses on choreography composition, modern technique, dance history and contemporary works.

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The “ABS Style”, as it has come to be known, is gaining a national following due its outstanding results . Ballet companies, Summer Intensive Programs, and Competitions faculties know when an ABS student walks in, as the hard-work and dedication to dance is apparent in dancer’s stance. ABS imparts the right knowledge and technique to produce competent dancers by any standard. We encourage our students to be active members in the community and share their lessons in dance through innovative and humanitarian actions.


For nearly 20 years, Paula Nunez – founder and internationally acclaimed dancer & choreographer – has produced professional dancers who perform with distinguished ballet companies and academies around the world. Since 2002, ABS has worked with students of all ages to impart the fundamentals of classical ballet. In Tampa City Ballet’s The Nutcracker and the end-of-the-school year production of a full-length ballet performance by our ABS students.

We Are Dedicated To Our Students

For more than a decade, many of our students have earned scholarships to attend prestigious college and professional companies.