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About America’s Ballet School


Classical Ballet is a performing art that enriches our spirits. Communicating through movement, ballet is an evocative language that permits self-expression, and it is a wondrous and original experience.


At ABS, we always encourage our dancers to perform at their best, and develop a lifelong appreciation of art and all its forms. We strive to make the students experience not only enjoyable but meaningful and fulfilling by providing a positive environment and a constructive working atmosphere with instructors who are passionate about the beautiful and exciting art form that is dance. We believe that, through dance, students will learn that their focus and diligence will be greatly rewarded with noticeable growth and continuous development. In this way, students can develop the confidence and determination to believe that all goals in life are attainable. We are delighted to have our students at ABS, and our priority is always to make sure each year is both productive and memorable.


We are delighted to have your child at ABS and our priority always is to make sure your child’s year is productive and memorable.