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• Class sizes are limited. Advanced registration ensures enrollment. Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. Payments may be made by check (or by credit card if on the 10 payment tuition plan). Tuition and Annual Registration Fee are non-refundable. Schedule, instructors, and prices are subject to change.

• All students must complete and submit the registration form and release forms before classes begin. Students will not be allowed to attend class without completed paperwork and tuition payment.

• Placement into all classes, as well as participation in the performances is subject to instructor approval in support of the class curriculum.

• Only dance students are allowed beyond the front desk. Parents are asked to wait in the lobby. All classes are closed for viewing so that teachers and students can retain their focus without distraction.

• If a parent needs to speak with the office administrator or with the faculty, an appointment time will be set up through the office staff at the front desk. The office is now closed to parents unless a meeting has been set up.

• Attendance at all classes is expected. If the student is unable to attend, the parent or student must call ABS at 813-558-0800 or email prior to their class time.

• Make-up classes: Students may make-up missed classes in an equal or lower level in the same month as the missed class. Students arriving 15 minutes late for class must observe class only.

• Participation in ABS performances is mandatory of all students. Please mark this year's dates (second week of June) in your calendar(s). Your tuition includes the participation fee and one costume rental fee for this production.

• I will support my child in his/her efforts in attending America's Ballet School by ensuring punctual transportation for my child, supporting classroom methodology, and respecting the relationship between my child and his/her instructor.

• I will be aware of my child's other activities and plan accordingly. If my child cannot attend class, I will contact the School via telephone or email to notify the instructor of the absence.

• I understand this notification must be received prior to the start of the class. Also, before the session begins, I will notify the School of any anticipated absences, via email or in-writing.

• I understand that excessive absences from classes may result in my child's exclusion from performances.

• I will be aware of all ABS calendars, schedules, and policies. I will be responsible for my child's consistent participation in all scheduled events. I understand that email is the primary mode of communication between ABS and me.

• I understand that my child's attendance at all technical and dress rehearsals is required to participate in the performance. In addition, I understand that my child's participation in the end of the year performance is mandatory.

• I will respect the judgment of ABS faculty regarding my child's progress in the program.

• I will remain in the lobby of ABS while my child is in class. I understand that standing and watching through the window is distracting for my child, his/her classmates, and the instructor.

• I understand that if I need to speak with an ABS instructor or administrator, I will need to set up an appointment at the front desk or via email.

• I will maintain a mature attitude in dealing with problems by stating the problem clearly, offering potential solutions, and remaining open to suggestions.

• I will be respectful of different viewpoints, cultures, and lifestyles.


• I will be in class, ready and focused before the class begins. I will take sole responsibility for being on time to all classes, rehearsals, and performances. I will come to class and rehearsals prepared.

• I understand that attendance is important to my growth as a dancer. I will strive to have as few absences as possible during the entire year.

• I understand that attendance at all technical and dress rehearsals are required to participate in each performance. In addition, I understand that my attendance at all scheduled performances is mandatory if the course or program has multiple performances.

• I will be focused throughout each class. I will be supportive of my peers and participate fully for the duration of each class. I will maintain a consistently respectful attitude towards my class, my peers, my instructor, ABS administrators, and the facility.

• I will respect all ABS equipment by using it only for its intended purpose and taking proper care of it. I will return all equipment to its proper storage place after each class. I will take responsibility for lost or damaged property.

• I will respect the School's facility and help to preserve it for future students by cleaning up after myself and behaving appropriately at all times.

• I will only eat and drink in designated areas. Only water is allowed into the studios. I will never chew gum in the building.

• I will commit to daily improvements in my work. I will take responsibility for and contribute to the success of each class.

• I will attend performances that complement my class work and broaden my understanding of the arts as a whole.

• I will be persistent. I will strive for consistency in my class work by accepting setbacks and refocusing my energies.

• I will maintain a mature attitude in dealing with problems by describing the problem clearly, offering potential solutions, and remaining open to suggestions.

• I will practice good behavior in and out of the classroom. I understand that students younger than I am look up to me and therefore will be a good role model. I understand that at each event outside of America's Ballet School I am representing ABS and will behave accordingly. I will exercise common sense in all of my activities at the School.

• I will respect the judgment of the School's faculty regarding my progress in the program.

• I will be respectful of different viewpoints. cultures, and lifestyles.