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TICKETS: Get your Coppelia tickets today through Ticketmaster or at Americas Ballet School. Do not wait until last minute as seating is limited. Tickets are $30.00

CONGRATULATORY ADS: The program for Coppelia will be a high-quality booklet making a wonderful memento. We are offering the opportunity for parents to buy space in the program for ads or messages. Ad sizes range from business card to a full page. The due date for the message is June 8, 2017. Please send your picture and message to americasballet@gmail.com

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Coppelia Volunteer Sign Up

Date: June 17, 2017

Please sign up for volunteering for our Coppelia performance. All Volunteers must be 18 or older. We want to give everyone a fair chance to help the production, so PLEASE only sign up for one spot, double entries will be deleted. As soon as the positions are filled, we will not need more volunteers on that area. We're very grateful for all your help to make our performance a success. We have the following openings:

Social Committee- These volunteers help TCB with fun, social events. First start by helping us with our cast party and concessions.

Load In/Out- These volunteers help with props/scenery backstage.

Runners- Runners assist the Backstage Manager and should be aware of the show order. They “run” from the backstage manager to the backstage area and tell the performers and their volunteer when it is time to come to stage.

Backstage Volunteers- Help performers backstage and ensure everyone’s safety! Your responsibilities will be given out after you have signed up for a specific group below. Remember, if you are a backstage volunteer you will not be able to see the show. Please wear all black!

Sign up below...

What Available Spots
Social Comittee #1: Carlos F.
#2: Tampa City Ballet M.
#3: Sign up »
#4: Sign up »
Backstage Level 1 #1: Kenia R.
#2: Sign up »
Load In/Out #1: Chris S.
#2: Sign up »
#3: Sign up »
#4: Sign up »
Backstage Ballet 1 #1: Rawan O.
#2: Laila C.
Runners-Saturday Class #1: Sign up »
Runners-Level 2-3-4 Classe #1: Sign up »
Runners-Level 6-7 Pre Professional Class #1: Sign up »
Backstage Pre Ballet #1: Natalia B.
#2: Sabrina P.
Backstage Ballet 2 #1: Shadia S.
#2: Kristine J.
Backstage Level 2 #1: Ana R.
#2: Sign up »
Backstage Level 3A #1: Sara M.
#2: Victoria G.
Backstage Level 3B #1: Lida A.
#2: Elizabeth D.
Backstage Level 4 #1: Vanessa D.
Backstage Level 6-7 #1: Jennifer D.
#2: Lian G.
Backstage Level 8 & Pre professional1 #1: Denise D.
#2: Milly A.